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Published Jan 12, 22
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10 Personal Development Books Every Student Should Read in Los Angeles

That’s where the rubber meets the road. In this text that concentrates classical wisdom, Dale unlocks principles for creating influence and impact that seem hidden in plain sight. He encourages people not to criticize, condemn, or complain in order to be likable. Dale furnishes you with 6 rules that will make people like you and 12 tips on making people follow your way of thinking.

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By changing your habits, happier life at home, in the office, managing a team, in business, or politics is within reach. Warren Buffet is one of the beneficiaries of Dale’s wisdom which he credits for success in his life and business. Dale’s admonitions were brewed in the pot of real-life experience as a successful businessman.

The Top 15 Best-selling Self-help Books Of All Time - Project ... in Los Angeles

This book is one of the greatest bestsellers of all time; a must-read. A masterpiece on how to dispel negative thinking and create room in your mind for positive vibes. This book is best suited for those whose lives are typified by endless worrying. Scott and Barrie draw their reasoning from a scientific backdrop to conclude that your anxieties are offsprings of a cluttered mind.

You begin by focussing on those aspects of your life that deserve your attention; set your priorities right. You proceed to declutter your mind by waving off your mind those thoughts that do not warrant your concern. The reason you’re bogged down in thought, worry, and stress is because the mind is cluttered with unnecessary items that need to be hurled over to the trash bag.

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With such a mindset you can stay calm and make better decisions in life. An essential resource to teach you how to eliminate the unnecessary mental load of worry and anxiety…together with its accompanying emotional consequences. “Beyond Mars and Venus” is John Gray’s follow-up book to his 1992 classical book on relationships, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.

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Although the mainstay of the book is romantic relationships, the understanding of how women and men uniquely communicate has found application in formal business communication. Over time, relationships have evolved. The traditional definitions of men and women in relationships have undergone certain levels of change. This book by John Gray attempts to make updates on these changes.

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These complexes bring with them fresh challenges as partners in a romantic relationship are no just seeking a “role mate” but a “soul mate”. A man will learn the art of being better at romance while being more thoughtful and dependable to his partner. Tonny Robbins is a world-famous motivational speaker, author, coach, and philanthropist.

Robbins has a way around provoking you to greatness. That’s why his books are hot cake. Wildly popular. Among the best self improvement books you could ever read. The pages of this book are an invitation to greatness by calling you out from a slumber of mediocrity. A proven peak performance guru, and internationally sought speaker, Tonny demonstrates what you need to do to have the steering wheel over your emotions, finances, body, and relationships.

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In this step-by-step guide, you will discover what you’re here for, and you’ll take charge of your life, and be an active participant in your destiny. Take hold of life NOW. David Goggin’s very life is inspirational having come from a background of extreme poverty and painful abuse. He has emerged from the shadows to become a powerful motivational speaker and author who not only tells us it can be done but demonstrates how in this read that’s perhaps one of the best self-improvement books.

He’s a great marathoner and a retired navy seal. The virtues he exhibits seem contagious as you devour the contents of this inspirational book. This book will shock you off any self-pity cocoon and stretch you up to overcome the limitations of a twisted-world. Deal a death blow to your self-limiting habits.

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Dr. Mark Goulston, a psychiatrist, and Philip Goldberg hand you actionable tips that have been tried and tested. Through the pages of this self improvement book, they help you overcome 40 self-defeating behaviors and come out victorious. By tackling common issues that we all face on a day-to-day basis, the text is practical, relevant, and relatable.

This award-winning book has remained a timeless gem since it was first published in 1989. With over 4 million copies in print, it’s definitely an indispensable resource worth reading. Drawing many of his lessons from Biblical references, Patrick M Morley urges men to have a look at themselves in the mirror with a view of fixing whatever areas fall short.