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Alford Home Solutions has been dedicated to providing quality work on homes and businesses throughout West Virginia since 1963. Originally a pest control company, we have since expanded our services and our service area, which now includes the Tri-State Area area, with home solutions also available in Kentucky and Ohio.

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“Very unprofessional service. Tech used white bathroom calk on my brick home to fill in cracks. blobbed on, not smooth, does not match. a child could have done…”.

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Terminix will prevent common household pests from entering your home, keeping your family safe. Our services ensure that you have a clean, pest-free home without the worries of finding pests in your morning cereal. Everyone’s familiar with the act of spraying, but there is a lot more to our experts’ pest control services, including: Free Estimate Expert Technicians Local Experts Custom Treatment Plan Satisfaction Guarantee Each year, 100 pounds of wood can be consumed by one colony of termites that has over a million hungry workers.

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Although insurance may cover other kinds of property damage, many insurance programs don’t cover termites. Termites can fit through a break that is as slim as a credit card, and they exist in every state in the United States apart from Alaska. This is exactly why termite control in Shelbyville is so significant.

Don’t permit termites to destroy your residence. Get in touch with us today. With Terminix Termite Treatment in Shelbyville you’ll receive: Free Inspection Expert Technicians Local Experts Custom Treatment Plan Satisfaction Guarantee Finding the right Shelbyville pest control provider isn’t always easy – from pricing to scheduling to consistency, there are a lot of concerns that need to be addressed.

A termiticide/insecticide application can only be performed by a licensed pest control professional. Users must always read and follow label directions. All products or logos denoted with ™ or ® are trademarks or registered trademarks of BASF Corporation. Copyright © 2021 BASF Use of this site is subject to the following: Notice/Disclaimer Privacy Policy Data Privacy Sitemap .

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Shelbyville, Ky USA Hours: 24/7 This is false. Pests multiply rapidly and if you see one there are probably plenty more in hiding. Many pests produce egg sacks that contain numerous eggs. For instance, the cockroach lays an egg sack containing approximately 15 to 30 baby cockroaches. These baby cockroaches breed in as early as two weeks.

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Over the counter sprays and pesticides may help slightly, but by themselves are not enough. The longer you wait to have service the more those pests will multiply and the more difficult it will be to eliminate the problem. This is also false. As you already know, for every pest you see there are multiples in hiding.

Not surprisingly, those pests build colonies and nurseries in between your walls, underneath your home, and in cracks and crevices you can't see. Some of these pests can be poisonous and potentially dangerous. Even if you currently haven't seen one of these pests, they can climb into your shoes, crawl into clothing, or hide in your bed sheets and surprise one of your loved ones with a venomous bite or sting.

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They remain in hidden voids. You need a certified termite technician to identify and show you were potential termite infestation may occur. Don't forget about carpenter ants, they too are very dangerous to structures. Again, ask for a certified pest control technician to look over your structure. Only then can you be sure you are protected and can prevent this type of infestation.

It would be quite easy to pick a pest control company or pest control method if this were the case, but this is not true. Professional pest control companies should be certified by the Structural Pest Control Board. In addition, they should have a yearly license renewal to keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

Ask to see your companies credentials and certification. This certification can not be bought. It has to be earned through hours of education, testing, and schooling. A company who employs well trained and certified technicians will eliminate pest problems much more thoroughly than a non-certified person. Professional technicians are trained to use the correct type of materials for each type of pest problem.

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You can purchase over the counter pesticides. Some of these over the counter pesticides use products with ingredients and chemicals that merely attack the nervous system of the pest. However, once this particular product dries, its effectiveness is completely gone. In these cases the only pests it will effect are those who have direct contact with it while it's wet.