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Published Dec 02, 21
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Kiyosaki highlights the importance of financial literacy. In attaining financial wealth and understanding investments as a strategy to wealth, one readily gains success. It is one of the best self-improvement books out there, especially for those seeking career and life security. Over 25 million copies sold Among one of the most popular self-improvement books, Stephen R.

In order to change one’s situation, one must change his or her perspectives. The book describes specific habits that facilitate such shifts and enable greater personal effectiveness. Over 25 million copies sold We all know too well that stress undermines many of life’s pleasures. In Richard Carlson’s book, he provides 100 tips on how to put things in the proper perspective.

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This book’s straightforward approach has helped millions and placed it among the best-selling self-help books. Over 23 million copies sold Perhaps the only fable among the best-selling self-help books on the list, this one by Spencer Johnson attained notoriety quickly. The tale describes four common reactions of people dealing with change in their work and their lives.

Over 23 million copies sold Unique among the best-selling self-help books, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield describes the author’s spiritual and psychological journey. Via the deciphering of a Peruvian manuscript, keen insights reflective of ancient Eastern traditions are revealed. The book is ideal for exploring New Age spirituality and ways to succeed during difficult life transitions.

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This premise says that what we think has the power to attract both good and evil into our lives. Thus, “the secret” explains how this law of attraction can serve to attain the best life has to offer. Over 20 million copies sold If quality of life and personal satisfaction is your goal, this book offers a strategy to achieve just that.

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It has remained one of the most popular self-improvement books since its release in 1952. Over 15 million copies sold This book by John Gray remains one of the best self-improvement books for those seeking better relationships. By approaching relationship differences from a gender socialization perspective, couples can improve their relations.

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Over 15 million copies sold Published in 1936, this book has been among the best-selling self-help books for a long time now. Dale Carnegie provides insightful approaches and strategies based on honesty and sincerity to help people deal with differing views. The key is in being able to see other perspectives while expressing one’s own views with respect.

Primarily a book to help others find happiness through inspiration and hope, it consists of 101 brief stories. Through this book, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen introduce a unique way of inspiring people to find their own happiness in life. Over 7 million copies sold Don Miguel Ruiz advocates personal freedom in The Four Agreements.

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Since 1997, it has been among the best-selling self-help books available. Over 5 million sold With the premise that life is filled with problems, M. Scott Peck highlights the importance of discipline in this self-help book classic. Balance, truthfulness, delayed gratification and responsibility are the four cornerstones of this discipline.

Best-Selling Self-help Books for a Bolder Life While many other influential self-help books are available, those listed here remain among the best. Each has stood the test of time. By reading them, you can learn common truths and insights—even though each book offers unique perspectives on strategies for self-improvement. Regardless of which one of these best-selling self-help books you choose to read, you can be reassured that their message will be a powerful one.

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There are a handful of books released in 2020 that offer such pearls of wisdom. Each is unique in its own way, and all 3 can motivate you to make positive changes in your life. Not only do these self-help books offer practice advice that is easy to understand. But they are also motivational books that are engaging and easy to read.

If you’re looking for one of the best self-help books in 2020, Kopko’s recent release is an absolute must-read. The insights that Kopko offers in the pursuit of one’s boldest life reflect his own passions and life’s pursuits. Not only has Kopko excelled as an executive business entrepreneur, but he has extensive history in publishing and writing.

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He has also been recognized for extraordinary work in diversity and inclusion by Diversity MBA magazine. These experiences and achievements serve as a foundation for the more-than-practical advice he offers in his latest book. The promise of Kopko’s book is to provide anyone with the tools needed to achieve bold happiness and success.